Diving Cornwall – Discover Falmouth and her Underwater Mysteries

Our great British Summer has at last arrived so it’s time to get out there and don your flip-flops for a cheap weekend summer break with our campus Glasney Rooms!

They say that Cornwall has the sunniest climate in the UK as a result of its southerly position in the UK and therefore the influence of the Gulf Stream… looking out of our office window… we can confirm that Cornwall is living up to its reputation! We don’t want to make you jealous (much) but if this is the view from a Cornish office – just imagine how wonderful the view from our award winning Cornish beaches would be!

Another (perhaps less obvious) but breath-taking view, is that which you get of Cornwall underwater! SCUBA Diving Cornish shores is colourful and varied and with so many wrecks it completely brings out the childhood explorer in you.

We’ve partnered with an exceptional local Dive School to bring you the inside scoop on what we think is the best of Cornish diving. Atlantic Scuba are course providers, offer a SCUBA diving equipment shop, an air refill service and even have their own ‘Stingray’ – their impressive ridged-hull inflatable (RIB) dive boat! To top it off, they have a wealth of experience of the most incredible dive sites around the coast to escort qualified divers to the very best local spots!

If you’re not a seasoned diver but love adventure holidays, then perhaps it’s time you gave it a go on your next visit to Cornwall. Atlantic Scuba have a spin on the classic Try Dive by offering their ‘Scuba Discovery’ session which gives a little classroom theory to accompany a taster sea dive to build your confidence, ability and above all – enhance the fun factor of your first dive!

If you’re thinking that diving in Cornwall won’t compare to that Try Dive from your family adventure holiday in the Red Sea last summer – then sit back and let us intrigue you a little more…

Dive site, ‘Hera’ – is a wreck dive from a steel, four masted sailing ship which sank over 100 years ago in tragic circumstances. At a shallow 18m depth with a sandy seabed (where you’re bound to see the odd dogfish tucked in the sand); the Hera wreck is surprisingly intact and full of crevices to find wonderful marine life.

A little off Castle beach in Falmouth is another hidden treasure – a sunken WW1 U-boat! Watch a short film clip of the wreck below.

In two sections her wreck tells a mysterious tale. Salvaged from Scotland where the enemy fleet had scuppered itself at the end of the War, a few submarines were bought to Falmouth Bay as part of the war reparation scheme. Some were used as target practice but most were sunk due to an usually forceful, freak storm, blowing the subs off their moorings and sinking them! See more images on the Falmouth Packet website.

The Cornish coast wreck dives are varied enough to satisfy any diver’s curiosities, find out a bit more about amazing Dive Sites at Atlantic Suba’s webpage. But it’s not all wrecks as with Cornwall’s natural reefs in areas such as the Manacles, its just another place to find wildlife and marine habitats including seagrass, Pollock, Seals, Dolphins, Mullet, Cuckoo Wrasse, Pink Sea Fans and the wonderfully named, Deadmen’s fingers!

All images curtsey of Atlantic Scuba


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