The Cornwall Plus Sustainability Pledge #OurEffect

Sustainability is a key part of the Cornwall Plus ethos.

We’re working towards a sustainable, ethical and responsible offering at Cornwall Plus to bring about positive environmental, economic and community-based impact.

Our campus-wide Sustainability #OurEffect campaign, which focuses on reducing single-use plastic use, recycling, green travel and biodiversity, is having a far-reaching social impact.

We’ve stopped supplying plastic straws, recycle more, save energy whenever possible, have increased compostable packaging for take away food, adopt a robust sustainable procurement policy and encourage our guests to be green and use public transport.

We’re saving energy

  • We’re saving energy and chemicals used in cleaning. To reduce our impact on the environment, we now only clean our guest’s room once a week during their stay. Towels are not automatically replaced on a daily basis, but additional towels are available upon request at Glasney Lodge Reception.

Waste not, want not

  • We’ve improved signage for waste and recycling information to encourage our summer guests to recycle. Packaged leftover food in shared kitchens is recycled and donations are given to Penryn Foodbank.
  • There is a large recycling collection point located by our Glasney Rooms and Flats with items donated to the British Heart Foundation.

Going local with our produce

  • Whenever possible we use Fairtrade, local or Westcountry suppliers for meat, fruit and vegetables, bread, tea, coffee and bananas in our catering and retail outlets.

Food and Drink sustainable packaging

  • With our catering and bar offer, we’ve introduced penalties for single use plastics and there is a surcharge on take away boxes and cups.
  • We’ve given customers more sustainable alternatives for hot drinks in our catering outlets – Eco to Go cups (made from recycled rice husks and bio resin with a silicon lid and band), china cups and the option for customers to use their own cups.
  • We’re reducing the number of plastic bottles for sale and are offering more self-service drinks dispenser taps.

Phasing out of single use plastic cups

  • To improve our Cornwall Plus sustainability #OurEffect we’re phasing out the provision of single-use plastic cups which have been provided in the en-suite shower rooms for our guests in the past. When our stock has diminished, we’ll replenish them with sustainable alternatives.

Greening our supply chain

  • We have enhanced the sustainability of business operations, our procurement team have sustainable policies and we’ve inspired our suppliers to be more sustainable. For example, WestCountry Fruit Sales Ltd included Penryn Campus in its trials of 100% electric zero emission vehicles and collects all boxes and packaging delivered to Falmouth and Penryn, including mushroom crates, to repack and reuse them.

In-house Waste Management does the trick

  • We have an on-campus waste compactor and centralised recycling facility. This has a positive effect on the environment and our carbon footprint with less resources and energy being used, and fewer harmful greenhouse gases being generated.
  • We have transitioned to in-house waste management across the campus for collections of general waste and recycling and will now only use contract collections for dedicated glass recycling bins and for hazardous or chemical waste.
  • In May 2019, recycling weight overtook general waste for the first time by 60% to 40%.

Green Travel holiday planning

  • In all our communications, we encourage our groups and holiday makers to take advantage of excellent public transport facilities here, with a bus stop on-site and train station nearby.
  • As part of their stay, guests are given a free Saver Card which provides discounts for local attractions and amenities, including 10% off the Fal Mussel Card by Fal River, for travelling on ferries, rural bus services and trains that connect places to visit around the river.

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